Wir sind seit 30 Jahren bei Ihnen!


Feuchtigkeitsausgleichend bei trockener Haut
Intensiv mit Feuchtigkeit versorgte,
weiche und elastische Haut
Glatte und verjüngte Haut
mit weniger sichtbaren Falten
Schutz der Haut vor
Hautirritationen und Trockenheit

Entdecken Sie unsere Pflegelinien


ZIAJA besteht aus zwei Kosmetiklinien: 
Ziaja - eine Kollektion mit Basisprodukten - und Ziaja MED - eine Hautpflegelinie, die für die Pflege spezieller Hautprobleme entwickelt wurde.

Klassik, Tradition und Eleganz

Die Geschichte von Ziaja begann mit der natürlichen Olivencreme, die bis heute erfolgreich verkauft wird.


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Ziaja Jasmine line has been created in response to mature skin needs. 😌

The composition of 6 cosmetics for everyday face care consist of jasmine butter which provides protection against photo-ageing. ✨🌸

Aimed at wrinkle reduction, not only anti-wrinkle protection. 💖💫
Get your skin ready for the summer 😎

To achieve silky smooth skin don’t forget about proper exfoliation. Try our gel scrub with olive leaf extract that will strengthen the skin and protect against transepidermal water loss. 🌿💧

The refreshing aroma will take you on a pleasant, energising journey! 😍💚
What would you say for the ritual of body care by scrubbing off the burden of all-week duties? 😌

And how about improving the care with sensory experiences? 🤩

Finish the week with new energy with Ziaja aromatic body scrubs. 🥰❤️
Happy Children’s Day to the inner child in all of us! 🥳
Have you already tried one of Ziaja cucumber face creams? 🤗🥒

They contain cucumber pulp extract rich in sulfur and mineral salts. It deeply moisturises, purifies and smooths the skin. 🤍😌

Choose between 2 options:
✅ ultralight formula face cream for all skin types
✅ anti-imperfection face cream for oily skin
Finally, with a great pleasure we present new and vegan BALTIC HOME SPA wellness line! 🥳🎉

7 face and body care products with nourishing, moisturising, protective and anti-wrinkle properties. 🥰🌟

Cocoa and coconut emollients together with almond oil and liquid shea butter create a relaxing care composition. 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

The product formulas have been prepared with a great care for natural environment. They do not contain microplastics and are based on ingredients of plant origin. 🌿🤩

Enjoy the feeling of home spa-like experience with chocolate & coffee or coconut & almond aromas! ❤️

Check out the link to see the whole range ⤵️
Why exfoliating should be a part of your body care routine? 🤔

For getting softer and smoother skin and we all dream about it. 🤍

The GdanSkin body scrub with crushed scallop shells will make your skin velvety soft and smooth. 🐚

The oily texture of the scrub will leave a protective film on the skin. 🌊

Do not wait! Try it out today! You will enjoy it! ☺️
The spring time gifts us with beautiful views of awaking to life nature.

Give the spring look to your eyes with Ziaja vitamin E eye cream 🤗