Wir sind seit 30 Jahren bei Ihnen!


Feuchtigkeitsausgleichend bei trockener Haut
Intensiv mit Feuchtigkeit versorgte,
weiche und elastische Haut
Glatte und verjüngte Haut
mit weniger sichtbaren Falten
Schutz der Haut vor
Hautirritationen und Trockenheit

Entdecken Sie unsere Pflegelinien


ZIAJA besteht aus zwei Kosmetiklinien: 
Ziaja - eine Kollektion mit Basisprodukten - und Ziaja MED - eine Hautpflegelinie, die für die Pflege spezieller Hautprobleme entwickelt wurde.

Klassik, Tradition und Eleganz

Die Geschichte von Ziaja begann mit der natürlichen Olivencreme, die bis heute erfolgreich verkauft wird.


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If you are bored out of your mind with your regular shower soap, check out Ziaja jeju black shower gel. ☺️

It helps to remove impurities and excess sebum. The colour and fragrance guarantee a pleasant sensory application. 🥰🤍
In order to provide your hair proper care you should select products that will enhance the qualities of the hair: color, shine, volume and texture. ❤️✨

Ziaja intensive smoothing hair care products with silk proteins
💫 visibly smooth the hair along its entire length
💫 prevent hair from tangling and detangling
💫 provide long-lasting softness and shine

Check it out for yourself! 🥰
Skin exfoliating is a combination of massage and removal of dead skin cells. ✅

Body scrubs not only smooth your skin, but also drain, firm and warm it up. ✅

Check out Ziaja wide range of body scrubs and choose your favorites. 🥰
When the skin of hands is extremely exposed to drying and irritation, remember to regularly moisturise and nourish it. 🧴👐

Check out Ziaja hand creams containing carefully selected and effective ingredients, such as lipid concentrate and silk proteins. They will help you take a proper care of your skin every day. ✨
Cold temperatures, windy weather outside and do you remember about protecting the most sensitive parts of your body? 🌬❄️🤔

Did you know that Ziaja olive oil ointment may be used for lips, hands, elbows, knees and heels? 🤗

Take it with you wherever you go this winter or if you stay in, just lying on the sofa. 😉
We wish you a beautiful Christmas season filled with joy and love and a Happy New Year 2021! 🎁🎄❤️✨
Goat’s milk complex is the main ingredient of one of Ziaja’s most famous lines. ☺️

By normalising sebaceous gland activity, this protein complex distinctly reduces skin oil production and prevents skin irritation caused by excessive sebum build-up on the surface of the skin. Select goat’s milk line for daily care especially if:
🤍 you have dry, wrinkle prone, inelastic and sensitive skin
🤍 you prevent wrinkles after age 20

Check out and let us know how you like it! 🤗
If you are still looking for perfect Christmas gift, check out Ziaja gift sets offer 🥰🎁

We selected your favorite products and combined them together. Choose the line you like most:

🤎Cocoa butter
🤍Goat’s milk
💛Lemon cake
💚Olive oil
🧡Ziaja kids
💙Ziaja men

Check out link ➡️ https://en.ziaja.com/products/series/gift-sets to see details 👀