Wir sind seit 30 Jahren bei Ihnen!


Feuchtigkeitsausgleichend bei trockener Haut
Intensiv mit Feuchtigkeit versorgte,
weiche und elastische Haut
Glatte und verjüngte Haut
mit weniger sichtbaren Falten
Schutz der Haut vor
Hautirritationen und Trockenheit

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ZIAJA besteht aus zwei Kosmetiklinien: 
Ziaja - eine Kollektion mit Basisprodukten - und Ziaja MED - eine Hautpflegelinie, die für die Pflege spezieller Hautprobleme entwickelt wurde.

Klassik, Tradition und Eleganz

Die Geschichte von Ziaja begann mit der natürlichen Olivencreme, die bis heute erfolgreich verkauft wird.


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BHS fit face cream is a must-have for every modern woman who spends hours in front of the computer, smartphone or other technological gadget.👩‍💻

It contains special algae which protects skin from blue light emitted not only by sun, but especially by electronic devices. 📱💻

What makes the cream to be outstanding is its truly light formula consistency which may also be used as make-up base. 🤍🪶

Check out and let us know how you like it! ☺️
They’re fresh, they’re vegan and environmentally-friendly! 😍🌿

🆕 shower gels & bubble baths from Ziaja, already available with 4 different, refreshing aromas:
💚 fresh tea mint
💜 Italian fig
💖 moon pitahaya
❤️ red currant

Which one you choose? 🤔 Check out link ➡️ https://en.ziaja.com/products/series/shower-gels-bubble-baths to learn more!
What do you like most about Ziaja cocoa butter shower scrub? 🥰🤍
The way it cleanses the skin? The feeling of smoothness and softness it leaves? Or the amazing scent it has? 🤔
There are many reasons, share with us your own ✨❤️
Being aware of the fact that modern cleansing must come together with effective skin care Ziaja designed 3 foam face washes. 🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️

The foams easily combine with sebum and make-up which finally shows direction of successful and mild cleansing with water. 💦💦

Choose your favourite one and enjoy the skin care with Ziaja. ☺️🤍
Get ready for new, fruity, refreshing and vegan goodies in Ziaja offer! 🥳🥳

Fascinating fragrances, light formulas, ingredients that protect the skin microbiome... 🥰❤️

Stay tuned for more info! 🤭🤫
In our offer you will find wide range of make-up removing products dedicated for all skin types needs. 🧖‍♀️

The products effectively cleanse the skin of both waterproof, strong, light and medium-covering make-up.
They contain active ingredients that focus on proper hydration and refreshment of the skin. 💧

Last but not least… most of them are also vegan! 🌿
HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Ziaja International Team! 🎃👻
At the end of March 2020, a photovoltaic farm was also launched in Ziaja factory which focused on the production of green energy. 🌱🤍

From the beginning of commissioning, we have generated electricity with the above environmental equivalent. 🌳🌲