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In Ziaja offer you will find a wide variety of face masks with an increased concentration of selected active ingredients that ensure optimal results in a short time. ✅✅

The products are based on various substances and formulas, adjusted to changing needs of the skin. ✅✅

They perfectly complement care routines based on cosmetics for everyday use. 🤍

Have you already found your number 1️⃣?
Coconut lipids are substances similar to those appearing in the skin. 🥥🥥
They effectively protect lipid layer of the epidermis. They are source of unsaturated fatty acids, rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6, necessary to properly nourish and moisturise the skin. 🤍🤍
And of course they are the main ingredient of our Coconut line! ☺️
🆕 amazing product adds to our antibacterial family 🤩

helps you to take proper care of your hands and supports your skin during frequent disinfection 👐🦠

fragranced with rosemary oil, thick and very efficient. acts like a soothing lotion for chapped skin of hands and wrists 🧴🤗

Orange butter, derived from orange peel, contains high quantity of bioflavonoids and has anti-cellulite and firming action. 🍊🍊
Plus it gives the natural fragrance and colour of Ziaja Orange butter line products! 💚💚
🆕 ZIAJA face cleansing products are already available!
🆕 micellar waters and face foam washes in 3 different variants for all skin types needs. 🤍
Try out all of them and see for yourself how pleasant a face cleansing routine can be! 🤗
Camellia oil that protects the skin against premature ageing and cistus extract with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties are the main ingredients of Ziaja Jeju products. ✨

They are targeted at 12➕ age group skin care but are also suitable and loved by the older ones. ☺️

Try out our black sugar body scrub during the shower and use white body mousse afterwards to feel super fresh and young at any age! 🤍
Who is ready to start a week with a full force? 🤗
Our must-essentials for Monday is our nourishing trio: argan oil, cashmere and silk shower soap! ♥️
A perfect base for summer make-up? 🤔
Ziaja BB creams with SPF 15! 🤍

Did you know there are 6 different creams for 3 kinds of skin types in our offer❔
Select the best cream for your skin complexion, choose from:
✔️light tone
✔️natural tone
✔️dark peach tone

They perfectly cover skin imperfections especially in the summer. May effectively replace the fluid and that’s why we love them, and what about you? 🤗