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Can you guess which line is one of our favourites? 🤔
Yes, yes, it is Acai Berry! 💙🥰

We know you also love it so just a quick reminder of the effects that your skin gets! 😇

It is becoming:

🔹resistant to harmful environmental factors
🔹smooth, resilient and elastic skin of the face, neck and body
🔹moisturized due to active layered hydration
🔹radiant, brightened, with a younger healthy look
It is almost Friday, so you definitely deserve some me time! 👸🤴

Try our face masks and spend your evening feeling like in a spa. ✨

Our offer includes different types of possible face care, depending on your skin type and your needs. We encourage you to check out various options and find your favourite one! ❤️

Relax with us and enjoy your skin care with Ziaja! 🥰
Let yourself enjoy the feeling where exotic nature meets with everyday care of palms. 🤲🤍

The choice of 3 different formulas can inspire to a regular hand skin care, especially rough, irritated or very dry skin. ❤️😌
Eye cream or eye gel? 👀

➡️ Dry, dehydrated and rough skin will respond best to eye creams with strong nourishing and regenerating properties. In case of such skin condition focus on rich, creamy textures with a high content of fatty components.

➡️ If your skin around the eyes is sensitive, prone to redness, flaking or burning – chose eye gel with strong calming and soothing properties.
Do you also feel sometimes like your skin needs more hydration and elasticity? 🤔

Ziaja marine algae spa is a perfect option for you! 😇💙

All the products from this line are vegan and they have a fresh scent of the marine breeze, therefore, you can feel like being on holiday which is something that we all dream of now! 😅🤍
Ziaja herbal intimate wash gels contain 96% ingredients of natural origin. 🌿

This group of products is recommended for young girls, mature women, during menstruation, during menopause, as well as for people actively practicing sports. 👧👩👩‍🦳

They contain lactic acid and herbal extract and were dermatologically and gynecologically tested. ✅
Care for the proper selection of cosmetics that support the natural processes in skin seems to be inevitable if the goal is to maintain a healthy, attractive complexion. 🧖‍♀️🧖‍♂️✨

Check out link to get to know Ziaja wide range of face care products. Find the ones that suit all your needs ➡️ bit.ly/3ovklfY ☺️🤍
Vegan Manuka tree peeling paste contains 90% ingredients of natural origin and is definitely one of your favorite products! 🌿🤍

✔️ Effectively reduces skin imperfections.
✔️ Prevents blackheads formation.
✔️ Unblocks pores and prepares the skin for further cosmetic treatments.

Have you already tried it? 🤗